Nowadays, many building owners and property managers want to reduce the negative impact that their buildings have on the environment.

For this blog, we are going to cover some of the ways that Instacoat Premiums Products Eco-Friendly Roofing Systems are an excellent choice for taking care of the environment.

Learn all about LEED certification, the reduction of toxic fumes, a reduction in landfill waste, and much more! 



  1.  Instacoat Products Are Cold-Applied

One of the best advantages of Instacoat Premium Products is that you can use any of our roofing products right after opening the pail.

Unlike older technologies, most of our products do not require mixing with other products to be functional. 

Equally, all of our roofing systems are cold-applied, which means they don’t emit flames, toxins, or fumes.

You can install them by using any type of roofing equipment, such as commercial airless spray equipment, a squeegee, a roller, or a brush.

In addition, most of our formulas don’t have any chemicals associated with health risks.

  1.  Minimizes Landfill Waste Material

Construction waste plays a huge role in the amount of garbage that goes to landfills, and roof replacement causes a lot of waste.  

Because our systems are specific to restoring old roofs instead of going to the replacement alternative, you will reduce the amount of roofing materials that go to the landfill. 

So, with Instacoat Premium Products Roof Restoration Systems, you can drastically reduce landfill waste by avoiding replacing a roof. 

  1.  Cost-Effective

The seamless membranes of our premium systems are one of their biggest selling points. 

These roof restoration systems are an easy solution to add durability to an existing commercial roof. 

Because of their efficiency, with the IPP systems, you will require fewer applications than other products, saving you money. 

They can be re-coated every ten years to extend the roof’s lifespan, renew its reflectivity, and provide excellent waterproofing capabilities.

In addition, by choosing Instacoat Premium Products, you can save half the cost of a complete roof replacement. 

Maybe the best part, you can save $0.50 per square foot on your electricity bill by installing an IPP SRR System.

  1.  Urban Heat Island Reduction

The Urban Heat Island Effect contributes to global warming in our big cities.

Conventional roofing systems with dark colors absorb the heat leading to higher temperatures. 

Thus, cities will suffer even more heat waves in the spring and summer months. 

With a white roofing system from IPP, your roof will reflect UV heat from the sun, helping to fight the Urban Heat Island Effect. 

To learn how a white roof helps fight Urban Heat Islands – Click here.

  1.  Energy Efficiency 

Believe it or not, a commercial roof has a significant influence on your energy bills.

Due to its large surface area, the roof is exposed to extreme weather conditions like UV rays and cold temperatures throughout the year. 

With Instacoat’s Silicone Roof Restoration System, your customers can have significant potential savings, and the building can upgrade its energy efficiency.

Because of its reflective properties, The Instacoat Premium Products Silicone Restoration System can reduce energy consumption by up to 88%.

For all of this, beyond being eco-friendly, our SRRS system will save you money!

  1.  Zero VOC Levels

The Neoprene-Liquid Rubber and the Primer Bleed Blocker are both water-based, non-toxic, and solventless restoration systems.

Thanks to their water-based formula, they can be “cold-applied,” which has none of the health risks associated with other products because these cold-applied systems do not emit flames or fumes.

Because of this, using our products will keep you and your team members safe from toxic fumes. 

To learn more about the Benefits of our “Neoprene Liquid Rubber,” click here.

  1.  Qualifies for LEED Points

IPP Eco-Friendly roofing systems can give you additional benefits besides waterproofing. 

You can gain LEED points and apply for accreditation for your building.

With our system, you can earn LEED points in the following areas:

  • Reduction of radiant building heat
  • Diminishment of the harmful effects of “Urban Heat Islands.” 
  • Use of Materials that are safe for the environment and human health

If you want to learn more about the environmental benefits of our products, click here.

IPP Eco-Friendly Roofing Systems

Instacoat Premiums Products Eco-Friendly Roofing Systems are an excellent choice for taking care of the environment.

Our roof restoration systems are an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to most restoration products.

Many conventional roofing systems require heat, kettles, torches, or open flames for the installation guidelines.

In comparison, all of our roofing systems are seamless membrane and cold-applied.

Our materials are safe to apply and pose no health risks to the applicators.

No special ventilation is required, most of our systems are non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable.

Our products contain low VOCs, satisfying EPA regulations and environmental concerns.

If you choose our systems and products, you will also have a high performance in critical areas such as human health, pollution, LEED points, and the environment.

If you’re looking for a cleaner environment surrounding your building, you should choose Instacoat Premium Products.

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