The Urban Heat Island Effect is caused in metropolitan areas due to a replacement of natural vegetation with manmade, impermeable surfaces. Dark roofs are a major contributor to this effect. 

Dark roofs in the cities absorb the heat from the sun, increasing the surface temperature and making the surrounding environment significantly warmer.

In addition, excessive heat is exacerbated by the pollution of cars, buses, and trains in big cities like Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco.

Because of this, it’s vital to use roof restoration systems with reflective properties like the IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System.

This roofing system helps to cool down the temperature of the building.

Let’s examine Urban Heat Islands and how IPP can help you reduce its harmful effects!

Adverse Effects of an Urban Heat Island

An Urban Heat Island will cause significantly worse air quality than rural or less populated areas.

The pollution pumped into the air is blocked by the buildings becoming more toxic on rooftops, roads, sidewalks, and parking lots.

In addition, water quality is also affected. When public and commercial drainage systems are warmer, the water flows into local streams, stressing the native species found in lakes and aquatic areas.

Currently, The EPA is studying how an Urban Heat Island can contribute to global warming and the Earth’s temperature.

What Is the Urban Heat Island Effect

All our products are cold-applied, which means they will not cause harmful emissions.

Instacoat Premium Products Will Help You Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect!

With our Silicone Roof Restoration System, you can reflect up to 88% of the UV rays into the atmosphere.

On average, the IPP Silicone System can cool down the internal temperature of a building by 5 to 7 degrees!

Furthermore, all our products are cold-applied, which means they will not cause harmful emissions.

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Urban Heat Islands negatively affect your environment.

However, the IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System will help you reduce it.

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