The benefits of IPP “Neoprene Liquid Rubber” are due to the properties of its adhesives and coatings. 

In fact, the technological advancements and the extensive research helped IPP to integrate waterproofing protection into “Neoprene Liquid Rubber”.

But, what is the IPP “Neoprene Liquid Rubber”?

It is a superior fluid-applied rubber that combines the elastic properties of a modified latex with the waterproofing qualities of a highly refined Liquid Rubber.

IPP “Neoprene Liquid Rubber” has the following benefits:

1. Superior Elongation and Recovery

Seasonal temperature changes alter the size and shape of every object. 

However, the average elongation is over 1,000%, and the material recovers 90% of its original state after stretching.

In other words, it is not affected by thermal expansion and contraction.

2. Excellent Adhesion

The “Neoprene Liquid Rubber” membrane provides excellent metal, wood, plastic, and concrete adhesion. 

It also provides strong adhesion to existing construction materials like BUR, modified bitumen, thermosets, and thermoplastic membranes.

3. Eco-Friendly

It is a water-based material that contains no VOCs, satisfying EPA regulations, and environmental concerns. 

In addition, no requires special ventilation, the material is non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable.

4. Safe Applications

The application can be with trowels, squeegees, and dual-component spray equipment specially designed by Instacoat Premium Products.

In brief, no heat, kettles, torches, or open flames are required in the application process.

The fluid-applied application creates a monolithic, seamless membrane.

8 Benefits of IPP "Neoprene Liquid Rubber"

No requires special ventilation, the material is non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable.

5. Self-Leveling

It allows the membrane to conform to substrate irregularities and provides a continuous seal at penetrations, which is one of the most challenging details in roofing applications.

6. Self-Healing & Self-Sealing

Has self-healing and self-sealing properties when cut or punctured.

7. Chemical Resistance

Also, it has excellent chemical resistance to most non-petroleum-based chemicals.

8. Top Coat

You can use it as a top coat or coated with different top coats to elicit UV rays reflectivity.


In conclusion, the IPP “Neoprene Liquid Rubber” is an excellent and cost-effective choice for building owners and property managers. 

You will help the environment while providing yourself with decades worth of waterproofing protection for your roof. 

Do not overspend on your roof issues.

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