Instacoat Premium Products launched in the late 1990’s following years of perfecting the liquid rubber technology. With the determination to produce a superior liquid rubber product line we assembled a very knowledgeable professional team to perfect the existing technology. Based upon our research, development, and testing period our team succeeded by creating a full line of liquid rubber products with outstanding performance properties. With the continued development of new products and improvements of our current product line, Instacoat Premium Products continues to grow and lead the competition.

The success and growth of Instacoat Premium Products liquid rubber, both in commercial distribution and retail market, has led to the expansion of our production facilities. Originally, our singular plant was in Detroit. Based upon our rapid growth that facility was relocated to Chicago and then Necedah, Wisconsin. Additionally, two 20,000 square foot manufacturing plants and warehousing were opened in Oscoda, Michigan and have since opened warehousing in Temecula, California, Dallas and Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado. Instacoat Premium Products manufactures over 1.6 million gallons of product annually.

Following continued research and development the Instacoat Premium Product Silicone line was launched and a facility was opened in Oscoda, Michigan. Along with that facility, a fully equipped “hands-on” Certified Contractor Training Center also opened in Oscoda.

Instacoat Premium Products continues to expand our product line. Our products provide solutions for waterproofing, roofing, containment, below grade waterproofing and now offers a full line of waterproofing below grade accessories such as drainage boards. Most recently we added a floor coatings system to our line of products. In conjunction with our liquid rubber, we design and manufacture spray equipment to complete the successful application process.

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