Using silicone vs. other restoration systems is one of the most common topics discussed amongst roofing contractors.

If you have been in the roofing industry for more than a decade, you know there are plenty of restoration technologies.

All of them can look the same to the untrained eye, but they all have different chemical components and properties.

Some are water-based, such as acrylic and rubber, while others include urethane or silicone.

So why use a silicone system instead of other types of elastomeric coatings?

Keep reading to find out the answer!


As mentioned before, acrylic restoration systems are water-based, significantly suffering in cold and wet weather.

Despite providing excellent resistance to UV rays and hail damage, they will not withstand ponding water.

They are considered an economical solution with limited warranty coverage.


Another popular water-based restoration system is the elastomeric rubber.

In contrast with acrylic, it also includes the waterproofing properties of an emulsified asphalt, which means it is an excellent solution against ponding water.

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Urethane restoration systems are used in commercial buildings that require extra durability or where the roof surface is exposed to foot traffic.

In addition, they are UV stable, hold color longer, and are also noise resistant, which makes them ideal to use in urban areas.

However, Urethane is considered the most expensive solution in the restoration industry.

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And finally, the silicone. The IPP silicone system is manufactured with 94 to 96 high solids properties, making it excellent to withstand ponding water.

It is a highly elastomeric seamless membrane that provides superior adhesion to the surface, with UV rays reflectivity that will protect the roof against the thermal shock effect.

The IPP silicone seamless membrane can extend the roof’s lifespan for up to 25 years or more, so you can choose a warranty that matches your budget.

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IPP Silicone Vs. Other Restoration Systems

The IPP silicone seamless membrane can extend the roof’s lifespan for up to 25 years or more.

To Sum Up!

An IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System perfectly balances great benefits and a fair price.

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