Urethane roof restoration is one of the strongest restoration systems available in the industry.

It is a seamless elastomeric membrane commonly used as a topcoat over commercial roofing systems, such as built-up roofs, tar and gravel, TPO, EPDM, concrete, and modified bitumen.

There are some essential aspects you should consider when it comes to choosing a urethane restoration system.

For instance, a urethane system levels out well on metal, but its appearance is not aesthetic for some people.

In addition, it can be a little expensive.

At Instacoat Premium Products, we have prepared the following article to weigh the most important aspects of urethane restoration systems.

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Urethane Roof Restoration: Pros

Urethane roof restoration systems form a monolithic, seamless membrane that has excellent elongation and recovery properties.

They can easily combat the thermal shock effect caused by the expansion and contraction in metal roofs.

Indeed, they are also noise resistant, which makes them ideal to use in urban areas.

Other pros include:

  • UV Stability
  • Resists Dirt Pick-Up
  • Outstanding Adhesion
  • Holds Color Longer
Urethane Roof Restoration

Surfaces must be dry, clean, and free from foreign matter.

The Instacoat Premium Products B-Series Urethanes Guide

The IPP B-Series single-component urethanes were designed and developed to be used with the Neoprene Liquid Rubber membrane, but it can also be used as a stand-alone product.

Our urethane roof restoration systems available are:

  • B-1008: Aliphatic Polyester Urethane – Used in applications that require extra durability or where the surface is exposed to foot traffic.
  • B-2008: Aliphatic Urethane – For applications that require standard durability and chemical resistance.
  • B-3008: Aromatic Aluminum Urethane – Designed to be an economical choice for a roof coating that has the durability of urethane and reflectivity of the aluminum.

Surfaces must be dry, clean, and free from foreign matter. Apply evenly over the entire surface.

The B-Series Urethanes may require more than one coat, depending on the job specifications and requirements.


In short, when it comes to urethane roof restoration systems, Instacoat has you covered.

Pro tip: A urethane roof restoration system will give your roof a longer lifespan than any other commercial restoration system.

Our premium products are eco-friendly, highly effective roofing solutions that guarantee high performance and a better impact on the environment against those from leading competitors.

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