The IPP green roof system includes different components that will help you protect your roof by covering it with living plants.

Green roof systems have been in existence for centuries, with the first examples dating back to the “sod roofs” built by the Vikings.

Although the evidence shows that a green roof system has many benefits, there is still low acceptance due to structural costs and technical challenges.

However, thanks to the recent roofing technology advancements, green roofs are becoming affordable solutions for many building owners and property managers.

The IPP green roof system is an excellent choice to protect your roof while helping the environment. 

Let’s discover its components together!

IPP Green Roof System

Green Roof System Components

Instacoat Reinforced Waterproofing Membrane

The IPP reinforced waterproofing membrane of our green roof system combines the elastic properties of a modified latex with the weatherproofing and waterproofing qualities of a highly refined emulsified asphalt that has been reinforced with a polyester fabric.

Instacoat Roller Grade Adhesive

The IPP roller grade adhesive consists of a thickened version of the waterproofing membrane material.


Insulation is achieved with a high-density extruded polystyrene board, a closed-cell structure with high compression strength, and outstanding moisture resistance.

Instacoat Drain Mat

The Instacoat drain mat of our green roof system is a high flow drainage membrane made from a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). 

The drain mat also incorporates a heat-fused geotextile fabric to protect the Instacoat waterproof membrane from possible damage.

Growing Medium Soil

The growing medium soil is suitable for many plants; it is lightweight and has excellent waterproofing characteristics.


The vegetation of the IPP green roof system can often include small trees, shrubs, and conventional lawns.

*Note: Green roofs with plants that have an aggressive root system may require an additional root barrier sheet in order to protect the system.

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