Do you know about IPP green roofs? If you don’t, you’ve come to the right place. 

Instacoat Premium Products offers two types of green roof systems for your property which are explained later on in this article.

Green roofs can also be known as vegetative roofs, and they have become a big trend in the roofing industry over the past several years.

When installing a green roof you can elicit significant cost savings while enjoying environmental benefits.

Green roofs are perfectly suited to deal with heat, sun, wind, drought, salt, and insects on rooftops in the urban environment.

Discover more about the two types of IPP green roof systems below:

  • IPP Green Roofs: Intensive

Our intensive green roof system offers a more extensive palette of plants from which to work with.

This type of vegetative system is generally over 12″ in depth.

It has two layers of media and is thick enough to support plant material that you would see in a traditional landscape.

For instance, intensive green roofs can often support small trees, shrubs, and conventional lawns. 

However, it is common that intensive green roofs go unnoticed as they blend into the landscape. You can find them over structures such as parking garages and tunnels. 

The IPP intensive green roof system will require an integrated irrigation system and an intensive root barrier.

  • IPP Green Roofs: Extensive

The IPP extensive green roof system is the thinnest system supporting only the toughest plant species. 

This type of green roof ranges in depth from 3 to 6 inches and does not have an irrigation system. 

Most herbaceous material is unsuitable, and only succulents, like sedums, can thrive.

Pro Tip: Your roof will need to support a minimum of 20 pounds per square foot to install this type of system.

DO you know about IPP Green Roofs?

When installing a green roof you can elicit significant cost savings while enjoying environmental benefits.


In brief, with today’s environmental concern, conscious property managers can increase their efforts on sustainability and provide a positive impact on the environment by installing a green roof.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is contacting an experienced roofing contractor before installing a green roof.

Green roof systems should not negatively impact the building’s structure. 

For further information about IPP green roofs, schedule a consulting call!