The roofing industry has a lot of myths about roof restoration.

In fact, many roofing contractors claim that a roof should never be restored.

However, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, commercial building owners spent around $40 billion on roof restoration last year.

Despite this information, many property managers don’t have adequate knowledge about roofing, much less how to keep a roof in good shape.

That’s why we have prepared for you the following article to explain the most common myths about roof restoration.

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1. Roof Restoration Is a “Do It Yourself” Project

Unless you are a roofing contractor with approved training, you should not go on a “DIY” restoration.

In truth, this will lead you to roof failures, costing you even more money out of your maintenance budget. 

To sum up, licensed and experienced roofing contractors must be in charge of roof restorations.

2. Roof Restoration Has to Be Done Every 10 Years

Did you know that we have warranty programs that can give you 25 years or more of guaranteed roofing performance?

As most roofing companies know, this would include a maintenance program throughout the years to ensure a quality roof at all times.

In addition, you can save up to 20% per year on energy savings by installing an IPP silicone roof restoration system.

3. Roof Restoration is Expensive

Certainly, every job on the roof will cost you a bit of money.

However, it is an affordable solution that can save you up to 2 or 3 times the total cost of a replacement.

Also, there are plenty of roofing contractors in your area that can help you fix your roof for a fair price.

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3 Common Myths About Roof Restoration

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