Commercial Roof Restoration can be an excellent opportunity to extend the lifespan of your roof

Although many roofing systems are designed to last for years with excellent performance, roof restoration may be necessary over time.

You may think that going for a full roof replacement could be the best option to offer to your customers in all of your projects. 

This statement is not always true.

In most cases, a roof restoration is a viable and affordable solution in saving your customer’s budget compared to a full replacement.

Let’s find out which are the top benefits of commercial roof restoration.

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1. Installation Advantages

As you probably know, a full roof replacement means more labor time and a possible interruption to the building’s tenant activities.

Even though there is no “one size fits all,” a roof replacement can take on average more than a month, while a commercial roof restoration is up to three times faster.

With Instacoat Premium Products (IPP), you have the following installation advantages:

  • Fast cure time
  • You can apply it in colder temperatures
  • No risk of wash-off
  • Moisture-cured (humidity is your friend)
  • One coat application means less disruption to tenants
commercial roof restoration is up to three times faster than a roof replacement

Roof restoration is up to three times faster.

2. Extends Roof Lifespan

Using a product such as IPP’s Neoprene Liquid Rubber, you can fully seal and waterproof pipes, air vents, HVAC units, hatches, and all types of equipment found on the roof.

When combined with the high solids of Instacoat’s Silicone System, you can increase the roof’s lifespan up to 20 years or more.

Also, the maintenance costs are low due to the benefits of the complete restoration system.

The restoration systems remain adhered to the roof surface under normal ponding water and the most extreme weather conditions.

3. Energy Savings

Due to its large surface area, the roof is exposed to extreme weather conditions like UV rays and cold temperatures during the whole year.

In case your project is located in a region where the temperature changes often.

Your customer will likely be running their air conditioning or heating systems a lot.

That being said, the roof has a significant influence on the energy bills more than you think.

If you choose Instacoat Premium Products (IPP), your customers can have notable potential savings.

The building can upgrade its energy-efficiency.

The Instacoat Premium Products (IPP) Silicone Restoration System reduces energy consumption due to its UV rays reflectiveness up to 88%.

4. Environmentally Friendly

When you perform a roof replacement, there is a lot of waste material that you’ll be responsible for disposing of into the landfill.

One of the great benefits of commercial roof restoration is that it improves the existing roof’s quality and sustainability.

This advantage will help you to avoid all this waste disposal in the process.

All Instacoat Premium Products Commercial Roof Restoration Systems are:

  • Solvent-free
  • Low VOCs
  • No depletion of vital natural resources

5. Improved Building Safety

A building with an old roof can be a significant risk.

Over time, when the moisture starts to build up from a small leak, it could quickly lead to mold growth and structural issues.

This problem can turn into serious health complications for the tenants too. 

Also, moisture can cause damage to the wiring system in the underneath layer.

However, at Instacoat Premium Products, we provide the best Commercial Roof Restoration Systems that are the perfect solution to prevent leaks and structural damages that puts your tenants at risk.

6. Warranty Program

Instacoat Premium Products guarantees all its products and systems with one of the best warranty programs in the market available today.

Each warranty ranges from 10 to 30 years, depending on the parameters of the requested warranty program.

Just make sure you ask and support the building owners for their upcoming plans.

If they are planning to move, for how many years they want to be covered by our warranty and our restoration system.

This will give your customer enough time to plan the budget if he needs a roof replacement in the distant future.

7. Tax Benefits

Commercial Roof Restorations are often managed through the building maintenance program, and the budget is already prepared.

It doesn’t count as an additional expense. 

This means that it will be easier for your customers to apply for a roof restoration due to a substantial tax deduction.

If this wasn’t enough, your customer could add more tax advantages because of the energy-efficient improvements. 

Additionally, with Instacoat Premium Products Roof Restoration Systems, the building will qualify for LEED certification by reducing the “heat island effects.”


Overall, a Commercial Roof Restoration can have more advantages than a full replacement.

You can choose from a range of cost-effective roofing products, coverages, and processes.

This will lead to effective roof restoration systems to fulfill your client’s and building needs.

However, it is essential to decide based on a proper visual inspection and by a Certified Roofing Contractor.

If you want to become an Instacoat Premium Products (IPP) Certified Applicator, you can book now for our next scheduled training.

You can trust Instacoat Premium Products as one of the best coatings systems in the roofing industry, including customized warranty programs.

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