The top 5 benefits of commercial roof coatings are drawing the attention of many roofing contractors that are aware of the extreme weather conditions that continue to grow worldwide.

For instance, high winds from storms, hurricanes, heavy rain, and flooding are followed by long periods of intense sun, high heat, and severe cold.

All of these weather conditions can negatively impact the lifespan of your roof. 

However, due to their waterproofing properties, you can be sure that our premium products will protect your roof against natural elements while reducing costs and extending the lifespan.

Please find out how Instacoat Premium Products can help you provide waterproofing protection against severe weather conditions.

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1. Holds up against strong winds

Minimizes the risk of tear-off by creating a wind-resistant barrier of protection.

2. Elastomeric durability

Our commercial roof coatings are highly elastomeric and can handle the hail impact better than most traditional restoration systems.

3. No seams that create weakness

Our roof restoration systems seal the cracks to stop internal damage and add an extra layer of support to your roof.

In addition, it will help you withstand downpours and oxidation thanks to its waterproofing protection.

5 Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings

Especially effective at preventing moisture penetration

4. Shields your roof from moisture penetration

Instacoat Premium Products are especially effective at preventing moisture penetration from freeze during the winter season.

5. It can reflect up to 88% of UV rays

Commercial roof coatings are well known for their reflective properties. 

Therefore, you can help the environment by reducing the “Urban Heat Island” effects.

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In summary, when it comes to commercial roof coatings, there are many benefits you can depend on to face severe weather.

Do not forget to include a roof inspection regularly if you don’t want to face any issues during the year.

Protect your roof throughout the year with Instacoat Premium Products.

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