White Roof Benefits for “Urban Heat Islands” are an excellent reason to choose the IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System.

However, white roof benefits will vary depending on your location.

There are particular regions of the country where white roofs can reduce the hot temperatures that can reach high indoor levels.

For instance, in hotter states like Nevada or California, white roofing will reflect the sun increasing the energy savings of your building during the hot months.

However, for colder temperatures, dark surfaces can help you to reduce heating consumption.  

With that being said, the IPP “Neoprene Liquid Rubber” might be the best option for cold temperatures.

But, what are the “Urban Heat Islands”?

This blog will explain the benefits of a white roof to protect your roof from its effects.

Let’s discover it together!

What are the “Urban Heat Islands”?

Urban areas are filled with dark-colored surfaces like rooftops, streets, and sidewalks.

Other factors like traffic, industrial pollution, and deforestation are involved in the “Urban Heat Islands” effect, as well.

All these factors increase the heat from the sun, warming the surrounding air. 

Therefore, the rooftop temperatures are affected, creating the “Urban Heat Islands.”

Now that you know, below you will find the main benefits of having a white roof:

1. Cools Down the Inside Temperature of the Building

As you probably know, trees play a fundamental role in climate change. 

That could be the answer to why the sun’s heat is heavier in urban than rural areas. 

Also, in urban zones, the roofs are exposed to the sun most of the day, increasing the “Urban Heat Islands.” 

White Roof Benefits for Urban Heat Islands

On average, a white roof can cool down 5 to 7 degrees the inside temperature of the building.

2. Reduces Your Roof Maintenance Cost

When you choose the complete IPP Restoration System, you will get our 25-year warranty program. 

Thanks to the excellent adhesion of the system, your roof will not face any major issues during those years. 

With that being said, you will only need to include a roofing inspection twice a year. 

White roofs only need cleaning the surface to avoid dirt or discoloring for maintaining their performance.

In other words, you will save money from your maintenance budget by applying the IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System.

3. Energy Savings

According to the California Energy Commission (CEC), you can save up to 20% of energy during the hot seasons. 

In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mentions that you can save up to 0.50 cents per square foot by installing an IPP Silicone Restoration System. 

These benefits are possible thanks to the white roof reflective properties. The IPP Silicone Restoration System will reflect up to 88% of the UV rays.

To discover why you need to choose the IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System, click here.

Roof Restoration System Reflectivity

4. Reduces Negative Impact on Climate Change

The “Urban Heat Islands” can negatively impact climate change.

Conventional roofing systems with dark colors will absorb the heat leading to higher temperatures. 

Thus, in the spring and summer months, cities will suffer even more heat waves. 

However, the IPP Roof Restoration enables the cities to be more reluctant to the adverse climate change effects like the “Urban Heat Islands.”

5. Reduces Negative Impact on Human Health

“Urban Heat Islands” carry big risks to public health.

Older adults and children are often the most affected by respiratory sickness.

Also, all the people with outdoor works, like roofing contractors, can be exposed to higher temperatures, increasing the chance of getting heatstroke.

Thanks to its reflective properties, a white roof helps to reduce air pollution caused by high temperatures.


As you can see, a white roof will decrease the negative impacts of the “Urban Heat Islands.”

However, the IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System will bring you even further benefits.

We offer training, technical, sales, and marketing support, bid assistance, and an excellent warranty program.

Besides, you will save huge money by eliminating the need to tear off the existing roof and install a new one.

If you want to increase the lifespan of your roof and reduce the maintenance budget over the years, contact Instacoat today!