The Instacoat Certified Applicator training is designed for both experienced commercial roofing contractors and also for roofers who are starting in the commercial roofing industry.

By achieving the IPP Certified Applicator training, roofers will have a formal roofing industry-recognized training, demonstrating their skills and knowledge to new customers.

Instacoat Premium Products applied its expertise and high-quality standards to the creation of this certified applicators training program.

Let’s know more about this amazing training program!

Who should get the Instacoat Certified Applicator Training?

The IPP certified applicator training is intended for all commercial roofing contractors. Not only for those who can work independently but also for roofing company’s applicators who want to stay updated with the newest technologies in the commercial roofing industry.

The roofer will gain knowledge and experience in:

  • Roof Surface Preparation & cleanliness
  • IPP Roof Restoration & Premium Coating Application Systems
  • Waterproofing Systems and Accessories
  • IPP Environmental Benefits
  • IPP Floor Coatings & Deck Systems
Our Certified Applicators can provide technical knowledge for commercial roofing projects of any size in the building and construction industry.

Technical knowledge for commercial roofing projects of any size in the building and construction industry.

This training ensures that the IPP Certified Applicator can demonstrate his/her abilities in all of those key areas.

The main difference between the IPP certified applicator training from other manufacturer’s programs is that we focus on the practical skills required to perform the job of commercial roofing contractors properly, rather than just providing a technical vocabulary.

However, the skills required to become an Instacoat Certified Applicator are complemented with a theory program, roofing companies will increase their commercial roofing skills and knowledge to be prepared to work with big commercial contractors.

This, in turn, streamlines the onboarding process to your roofing company and maximizes loyalty, minimizing the staff turnover.

Benefits of being an Instacoat Certified Applicator

Training is the way to gain knowledge and it adds new skills to your roofing services.

The main benefits over time for the Instacoat Certified Applicators training are the following:

  • Extends Instacoat’s spray equipment lifecycle
  • Reduces long-term roof maintenance costs
  • Roof coatings efficiency
  • Increased sales revenue for your roofing company through value-added service
  • Increased brand equity for your roofing business

Roofers just need to complete the Instacoat certified applicator training to obtain these roofing skills.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re a commercial roofing contractor or your roofing company is looking for a recognized certification training.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become an Instacoat Certified Applicator; it is one of the best training programs available in the roofing industry.

Instacoat’s Systems for Certified Applicator Training

As a commercial roofing contractor, you will gain the ability to understand and follow all technical data sheets that accompany Instacoat’s roofing systems, coatings applications, types of equipment, and more.

These new professional skills for commercial roofing contractors validate your working knowledge in the roofing industry.

Additionally, it provides networking with other commercial roofing contractors like you; roofers who are also looking to increase their roofing expertise and knowledge.

Please find Instacoat’s Premium Products systems available below:

The Instacoat Certified Applicators Training Guide

Instacoat’s training requires that roofers will need previous knowledge & experience in commercial roofing.

Commercial roofing contractors will get certified for roof coatings including our spray rubber, silicone, and our new watershed coating with an optional day for flooring decks, traffic, and below-grade coatings.

In the Instacoat Certified Applicator Training, contractors will learn how to handle the equipment used in roof restorations, explore the different types of coating product lines, roof substrates, and structures; as well as the quality standards that Instacoat Premium Products always pursues.

Instacoat tries to keep the training process as simple as possible, ensuring that it complies with all the necessary roofing skills.

Our Training Facility located in Oscoda, Michigan, is fully equipped with all the necessary material & labor needs to use the IPP premium products.

Provides networking with other commercial roofing contractors like you; roofers who are also looking to increase their roofing expertise and knowledge.

                                       Provides networking with other commercial roofing contractors like you.

Please find all the relevant information for our next training below:

Next Scheduled:

  • February 17th-19th, 2021.

We Offer:

  • On-site Training.

Stay current with annual updates, introduce coating topics, or delve into specific applications needs.

On-site Training provides a personal group learning environment where you can raise questions, have discussions that are directly related to your roofing business and the roofing industry.

  • Bid Assistance.

You will learn to produce a competitive bid, to bring your next roofing project to you.

  • Unlimited Technical Support.

We pride ourselves on providing unlimited technical support, regardless of the Instacoat product you purchase.

  • 10, 15, 20, and 25-Year Systems.

Instacoat protects your purchase through our IPP Warranty Program.

Itinerary & Prices:

  • ✔$275 for Roof Coatings Training (February 18th and 19th).
  • ✔$150 Additional for the Floor, Deck, Traffic, and Below Grade Coatings. (February 17th).

*Prices include round trip transportation from Saginaw, MI (MBS) Airport to Oscoda, MI. The training center, hotel, and meals.

  • You will need to fly into Saginaw the day before your training starts and be able to fly home from Saginaw late afternoon or evening on Friday the 19th.
  • Or arrange your transportation to and from Detroit (DTW).

You will have a chance to know more roof professionals like you having a good time building new relationships, learning the latest updates, advantages of roofing systems, and which are the best coatings applications in the roofing industry.

*Training is open to the first 12 confirmed attendees. HURRY UP!

Call Instacoat at 877-552-6724 to book now.