Why restore instead of replacing? First of all, because many roofs are still in good condition when replaced.

Second, as a property manager, a roof restoration will cost you a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

Third, you can avoid unnecessary disruption to your tenant’s activities.

For instance, let’s say you are in charge of a corporate facility that has a production line working 24/7.

If you stop it for roof replacement purposes, you can lose thousands or even millions of dollars.

However, not all commercial roofs are eligible for restoration, and this has to be determined with an inspection by an approved roofing contractor.

Here is a little explanation of both processes by the Instacoat Premium Products technical team!

What is Commercial Roof Restoration?

In short, it is the process of applying an extra layer of a seamless membrane over an existing roof surface.

Every roof restoration has different guidelines, and some can include several coat applications for particular purposes.

Some of our roof restoration systems are excellent for waterproofing, while others have reflective properties, and some may need special equipment for application.

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What is Commercial Roof Replacement?

It is the process of removing the existing roofing system, whether single-ply, metal, foam, built-up, etc., and installing a new roof covering.

Of course, replacing the roof will give you a longer lifespan than restoration. However, a complete replacement will require more materials, labor force, time, and money.

And if your company/corporation is running on a tight budget with a functional roof, this will not be the solution for you.

Why Restore Instead of Replacing?

Many roofs are still in good condition when replaced.

How to Decide Between Restoring or Replacing

If you are managing a property with signs of minor damages or leaks, but your roof is overall good, restore instead of replacing will be your best choice.

In any case, do not forget to contact a roofing professional.

Roof restoration is not a DIY project, and you should always call the experts.

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