What to do when your roof starts leaking? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive every year.

With spring around the corner, the snow has finally melted in most parts of the country, which means water leaks can become an issue.

In addition, the heavy rains will start very soon, and it’s better to be ready before the first big storm arrives.

That’s why whether you are a building owner or a facility manager, you should understand the basics of roof maintenance.

Do not forget to consider the following tips if your roof starts leaking.

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1. Move any items or special equipment away

Move things like finished goods, work in process, special equipment, furniture, or any other items that can represent a financial loss if damaged. 

Also, if the roof leak is near electrical outlets, you should turn off anything that can cause a short circuit and cover it up.

2. Cover anything you can’t move

Make sure to cover all the heavy equipment or furniture you cannot move with plastic sheets.

You may also need to cover the sockets to prevent water filtrations.

3. Place buckets underneath the leaks

If the roof leak is not too big, you can place buckets to catch the water until your insurance or roofing contractor arrives.

Collecting the water can also help your roofing contractor determine the size of the damage.

What to Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking?

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4. Take photos and videos for insurance purposes

This is the most important thing to do when your roof starts leaking.

Having video and photographic evidence will help you accelerate the process with the insurance company.

5. Contact an experienced roofing contractor

Call an experienced roofing contractor right away.

Do not underestimate roofing leaks. Let a roofing professional take care of them.

Now You Know!

Most roofing leaks can be fixed, it just depends on how quickly you react.

When a roof starts leaking, it can cause severe structural damage.

Make sure to schedule a roofing inspection at least twice a year. 

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