The benefits of commercial roof maintenance play a fundamental role in getting the most out of your roof lifespan.

Once your roof is 1 or 2 years old, developing a comprehensive roof maintenance plan is vital.

However, every time a new system is installed or a restoration is applied, commercial roof maintenance is often the most forgotten item by property managers.

They don’t realize that commercial roof maintenance is key to avoiding expensive repairs and premature failures.

That is why Instacoat Premium Products has 5 benefits of commercial roof maintenance for you below:

1. Extends the Longevity of the Roof

To increase the lifespan of your roofing system, we suggest that you schedule at least two roofing inspections a year, one before summer and one before winter.

2. Maintains Indoor Operations Under Control

This is essential considering all indoor operations should be working 24/7.

For manufacturing facilities, a roof restoration is an affordable option with a high Return on Investment.

3. It Helps Save Money Over Time

In commercial roof maintenance, you should always plan for the long term.

The routine inspections you are doing may initially seem pointless.

However, the cost of a regular maintenance plan is much less than a total roof replacement.

5 Benefits of Commercial Roof Maintenance

The cost of a regular maintenance plan is much less than a total roof replacement.

4. It Helps to Identify Problems Early

Check parapet walls and other potential issues like ponding water, leaks, or roof damages.

The goal is to address any damaged areas before it is too late.

5. It Brings Safety to Employees

If the roof has been leaking for a while or started leaking just this morning, it can become a serious emergency for your employees.

Water stains on the ceiling are just signals of visual damage, but mold and moisture can negatively affect human health.

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Every commercial roof maintenance plan has to include a checklist.

The approach has to be preventive for minor and major problems.

Do not forget to include physical damage, fasteners, drainage systems, and joints.

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