How to build an accurate roof estimate? Setting your roofing service prices may seem simple, but you can affect your roofing company’s success if you do not do it right.

A roof estimate will help your customer to understand better what they should expect from you.

In addition, it will help to describe your services and how you are going to spend their budget.

Therefore, start by setting goals, describing each of your services, and do not forget to do market research.

Next, you will find some critical steps to build an accurate roof estimate:

  1. Ask your customer what their needs are
  2. Visit the roof and take measurements; set up the layout of the roof
  3. Take photos and videos; nothing beats an in-person inspection
  4. You should always build some leeway into your estimates
  5. Have strong communication with your roofing manufacturer

In brief, get as many insights and information as you can before deciding what pricing strategy to adopt.

Lastly, ensure that all issues are covered, and you will not get surprised.

How to Build an Accurate Roof Estimate?

Start by setting goals, describing each of your services, and do not forget to do market research.

Factors That Will Affect the Price of Your Roof Estimate

On the other hand, before you start writing it down, you must consider the following factors:

Information to Include in a Roof Estimate

  • Your contact information
  • Project workflow
  • Price of your services
  • Payment terms
  • Your license & insurance
  • Guarantee policy


In conclusion, a roof estimate does not have to be difficult. 

However, if you want to avoid issues with your customers, please follow the tips mentioned above.

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