Common causes of roof damage are due to different factors involved.

For instance, the type of weather and vegetation of an area can play a fundamental role. 

During rainy seasons, ponding water can cause mold, moss, and mildews over the roofing structure, leaving it completely vulnerable.

In addition, in buildings like malls or restaurants where daily cooking is an activity, you can find too much grease on the roof.

However, many causes can lead to roof damage.

Next, you will find out which are the most common causes of roof damage:

1. Mold

You cannot allow it to spread. It can easily make its way into your building, causing even more problems to the indoor structure and health issues to the people inside.

2. Moss

You can find it on flat roofs in humid places, usually caused by ponding water during rainy seasons.

Due to moss thickness, it can hold more moisture than mold and mildews.

It can even add an extra load to the roof that can damage the structure in a short time.

3. Mildews

They often appear when the roofing surface is excessively powdery and dirty.

Mildews can grow faster and easier if the drainage system is not clean or not working properly.

Roof Damages

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4. Grease

Ensure that the exhaust fans and hood filters of the building are clean and working correctly. 

Any dirty exhaust fan or hood filter could begin leaking out grease into your roof.

Grease and oils are slightly acidic, which will slowly eat the roofing membrane.

5. Roof Alligatoring

Roof alligatoring is due to the sun’s UV rays that dry out the system, creating cracks over the rooftop.

It usually starts in a tiny part of the roof and gradually expands as cracks widen and extend.

6. Roof Chalking

Chalking is the white resin that becomes visible, adheres to your fingers when you swipe them over the surface.

Thanks to the reflective properties of the IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System, your roof will decrease UV rays exposure up to 88%, helping you to avoid roof damage from chalking.


These are only a few of the most common causes of roof damage. 

In areas where the sun and precipitation are heavier during most of the year, the roof might need preventive roof maintenance with more frequency. 

If your commercial roof shows signs of roof damage like the ones we mentioned above, contact Instacoat Premium Products. 

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