Silicone Roof Restoration System (IPP SRR System)

The Instacoat Premium Products (IPP) Silicone Roof Restoration System (SRR System) was developed to combat the high costs associated with a total roof replacement. Taking into account the environmental factors that came with other traditional restoration systems, the IPP SRR System is an environmentally friendly option that results in substantial cost savings for building owners. Lifecycle savings when using the IPP SRR System can be dramatic. These specific IPP points mirror federal sustainability requirements; cost savings, energy reduction, Co2 reduction, waste reduction, made in USA, Low VOC, reduced heat island effect and warranties that work.

Because IPP uses only the highest quality ingredients during the manufacturing of the components of the IPP SRR System the products will outperform other systems available on the market today. Our HS-250 High Solids Silicone roof coating is just one example of our patented formulations for solving roofing problems. Silicone is an inorganic compound, unlike traditional roof coatings and membranes that use petroleum products and continue to release VOC’s into the environment for years. Silicone does not break down in ponding water, unlike organic membranes such as: TPO, EPDM, PVC, BUR, Acrylics, and Cap-sheet product lines. Additionally, silicone does not grow mold or mildew, which can break down membranes and cause leaks in areas prone to moisture or ponding water.

The IPP SRR System will provide a seamless weatherproof membrane over the existing roofing system combined with long-term renewable warranties for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. Full restoration includes a base coat of rubber emulsion, sealing the existing roof deck, and flashing with a seamless barrier capable of 800% elongation. This seamless rubber membrane will not be compromised like other membranes due to expansion and contraction across the deck; there are no seams to fail. The rubber membrane is cold applied, monolithic, and seamless; ensuring the deck is permanently sealed for decades. This rubber membrane can then be coated with primers, silicones or urethanes to reduce surface temperatures and meet the federal sustainability requirements called out in Executive Order 14057 and Federal Acquisition Regulation 36.104 Policy and the VAAR. Not only will this system save money during installation, but it will also continue saving on energy costs due to the highly reflective, UV stable coatings.

IPP Brochure Why Restore Instead of Repair? FAQ VA Sustainability Market Research Document

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