A urethane roofing system, also commonly referred to as a polyurethane system, is a durable and long-lasting commercial roofing product. 

Technically, a urethane roofing system is a seamless elastomeric membrane with excellent durability and protection properties. 

These systems can either be rolled or spray-applied and offer a wide variety of benefits for building owners or property managers.

Urethane roofing systems can be used for new construction but also have profound benefits when used as a restoration system. 

Urethane roofing can be used to restore EPDM, built-up roofs, single-ply, and modified bitumen systems. 

This blog is going to cover the benefits of a urethane roofing system. If you are curious how these systems can offer durable, long-lasting solutions for your roof, keep reading!


Boston Urethene Roofing System project

Urethane Roof system applied Boston project.

Durability & Protection:

Urethane roofing systems are among the most durable commercial roofing systems. Due to its monolithic nature, a urethane roof offers stellar durability against impact.

For example, a urethane roofing system is stronger enough to resist damage from falling debris and hail storms with minimal impact damage.

Another benefit of its resistance to impact damage is its use on commercial roofs with high foot traffic.

High foot traffic can cause leaks and other damage to other roofing systems. 

This is not the case with urethane roofing. 


In the roofing world, urethane systems are widely known for having some of the best adhesion properties.

Because of this, a urethane roofing system will effectively work in conjunction with various substrates, such as:

  • Built-Up Roofs
  • Metal Systems
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Concrete Decking
  • EPDM
  • Tar & Gravel
  • TPO

Because a urethane roofing system’s capacity to fully adhere to various substrates, they make an excellent option as a restoration system. 

UV Protection:

With the prolonged sun exposure roofs receive, UV damage is a serious issue for building owners and property managers.

Beyond the damage, a darker roofing system can absorb significant amounts of solar heat, which results in an increased energy bill. 

To learn more about the damages UV radiation can spell to commercial roofs, check out this blog we wrote on the topic. 

A urethane roofing system can help prevent UV damage and lower your energy bill!

Because of its highly reflective properties, a urethane roof reflects a significant amount of UV rays, which can help lower your cooling costs in the warmer months.

Another benefit to these reflective properties is the increased lifespan of your greater roofing system.

A urethane roofing system lowers the overall surface temperature by reflecting excess heat, relieving stress on your roof and building’s systems. 


A urethane roof is a seamless, monolithic system. Because there are no seams, these roofing systems effectively prevent roofing leaks.

Commonly, a commercial roof can experience leaks where there are penetrations, such as:

  • Vents
  • Pipes
  • Parapet Walls
  • Drains
  • HVAC Units
  • Skylights

To learn more about the common causes and locations of roof leaks, check out our blog here.

Because of its self-sealing properties, a urethane roofing system will successfully flash and protect these vital seams.

Moreover, the surface is waterproof, allowing for increased protection against the elements.

Due to the way the urethane systems are applied, they are also effective in preventing ponding water, which can be a severe problem for a commercial roof.

Aesthetic Benefits:

Out of all the benefits of urethane roofing systems, aesthetic value is probably the most underrated. 

Because of their incredible durability, a urethane roofing system will look new for much longer than other roofing systems. 

Equally, urethane roofs help prevent unsightly damage caused by weather hazards because of their weather resistance. 

This also includes the excessive build-up of dirt on your roof. With a urethane system, your roof will stay cleaner for longer. 


Our Systems:

At Instacoat Premium Products, we have developed three urethane coatings to keep your roof protected.

We call these products our “B-Series Urethanes,” and we have one for each of your roofing needs.

Our Urethane Roofing Systems:

B-Series 1008 (Aliphatic Polyester Urethane)

  • Designed For Extra Durability
  • High Foot Traffic Roofs

B-Series 2008 (Aliphatic Urethane)

  • Roofs That Demand Standard Durability
  • Standard Chemical Resistance

B-Series 3008 (Aromatic Aluminum Urethane)

  • Economical Urethane Option
  • Durability of Urethane, Reflectivity of Aluminum


All of these systems can be used as stand-alone products or can be used with our Neoprene Liquid Rubber Membrane to form a superior restoration system. 

Together, these two products form a seamless, monolithic roofing system to protect your roof for the long haul.

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