Mineral spirits play a fundamental role in coating projects.

Mineral spirits are one of the most critical components of commercial roof restoration systems used in metal roofing; they are particularly useful in preventing rust and corrosion.

In addition, mineral spirits are also used for cleaning.

They are especially beneficial for cleaning up the project mess, from cleaning airless spray equipment, brushes, and squeegees to wiping down the roofing project afterward.

They are an essential part of any commercial roofing project.

Let’s discover its importance together!

Mineral Spirits: Uses

Mineral spirits are slow-evaporating solvents and are therefore suitable for reducing enamels and cleaning silicone, urethane, rubber, and other roofing components from the restoration equipment.

Many roofing contractors prefer mineral spirits over turpentine, which is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin harvested from living trees, mainly used as a specialized solvent, which is stronger but also thicker and stinkier.

The most important uses of mineral spirits in the roofing industry include:

  • Roof cleaner    
  • Degreaser
  • Thread-cutting lubricant
  • Cleaning roof equipment after use

How to Use Them

White minerals may be mixed with different liquids. These types of minerals help dissolve all types of oils, including ones that hurt your roof’s surface.

Follow the next steps to start using it for your next project:

1. Clean the roof surface

First, make sure that all dirt is removed from the roof surface. 

For instance, if you are restoring a metal roof, you should first use a leaf blower to remove any dust or debris lining the top of the surface.

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2. Wear Safety Equipment

Make sure to use protective equipment like gloves and glasses, and securely attach your respirator to protect yourself from the fumes.   

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3. Apply the Mineral Spirits

Take your bottle, and pour a small amount onto a rag. 

They can be damaging to a variety of roof surfaces. 

Always check with your roofing manufacturer the properties and conditions of the surface you want to treat.

Also, start by testing a small and inconspicuous surface area to see how it reacts to the solvent.

Mineral Spirits in Coating Projects

Always call a professional roofing manufacturer and contractor to avoid any mistakes.

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Mineral spirits are volatile and highly flammable. 

If you plan to use them, always follow any safety instructions listed by the manufacturer.

Always call a professional roofing manufacturer and contractor to avoid any mistakes. 

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