You should consider the following aspects of commercial roofing for property managers.

Commercial roofs require ongoing maintenance, and it’s not unusual for you to spend part of your time working with roofing contractors.

At Instacoat Premium Products, we aim to help you save time and money on commercial roof restoration and maintenance.

We work closely with many roofing professionals trained and approved by our technical team.

One of the worst things that can happen to property managers is unpredicted events.

So if you want to avoid roofing issues, do not miss the following tips we have prepared for you.

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1. Keep Solid Records

Keep a log of all issues, work, and repairs related to your roof, including:

  • Inspection reports
  • Maintenance bills
  • Installation guidelines 
  • Drawings, specifications, and invoices
  • Warranty policies

All of these files can be really helpful in case you need to ask for a restoration system or a replacement.

2. Include a Roofing Maintenance Plan

Property managers who do not include a maintenance plan will indeed have roofing issues.

A strong maintenance plan has two primary components inspection and repairs.

A roofing inspection means evaluating your roof’s conditions to check for any signs of future problems.  After the inspection, your roofer will know if any repairs are needed.

Pro tip: your roofer should check inside and outside your property.

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Commercial Roofing for Property Managers

Property Managers can trust Instacoat Premium Products!

3. Call a Roofing Professional when Issues Occur

The success of a roof’s lifespan will include regular inspections and repairs done by a roofing professional.

Despite what many people think, commercial roofing for property managers is not a do-it-yourself job; it takes time, education, and knowledge.

Hiring an inexperienced roofing contractor will cost you more money over time.

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Commercial Roofing for Property Managers is a Must!

Now you know, these are only a few aspects property managers need to consider.

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