PVC roofing issues can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if they’re not addressed on time.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a commercial roofing system that became popular in Europe in the sixties.

Since then, its popularity has continued to grow across the globe.

PVC is a single-ply membrane known for durability with a proven longer lifespan compared to EPDM or TPO.

However, just like any other roofing system, it will require a maintenance program to achieve all of its benefits.

You can use Instacoat Premium Products (IPP) restoration system to increase its lifespan by another 25 years.

Some of the issues PVC roofing may face are:

1. Old Roof Removal

A PVC roofing system should always be installed on a clean and smooth surface, which means a lot of waste material will end up in landfills.

Many PVC roofing issues start when the old roof goes through a complete replacement.

2. Improper Installation

As we mentioned, a PVC roofing system will require time and expertise for installation.

One of the most common problems in PVC roofing is separating seams and loose fasteners, which can cause leaks and water penetrations.

That’s why we always recommend hiring a professional roofing contractor for proper installation.

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PVC Roofing Issues

A PVC roofing system should always be installed on a clean and smooth surface.

3. Material Cost

A PVC roofing system is more expensive than EPDM and is comparable to TPO roofing grades, which can add to the cost of a complete roof replacement.

PVC roofing system installation will also need a proper foundation, which can take an extra labor force, increasing the costs exponentially.

4. Environmental Issues

When burned, PVC releases toxic chemicals like dioxin, a harmful chemical that can accumulate in the environment.

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