How summer heat affects the roof surface is one of the most common questions property managers and building owners have.

The roof surface temperature directly influences the interior temperature of the building.

It will also affect your energy bills as having the wrong roofing system in hot areas can increase your expenses and have an impact on your work environment.

Commercial dark roofs like EPDM will absorb up to 90% of UV rays.

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1. Thermal Shock

The thermal shock effect commonly occurs during the hot summer months.

The surface membrane tends to expand with hot temperatures and contract as temperatures lower at night.

Contraction and expansion can lead to unfolding seams or cracking, which will significantly decrease the lifespan of your roofing system.

How Summer Heat Affects Your Roof

The thermal shock effect commonly occurs during the hot summer months.

2. UV Rays Exposure

Your roofing system is constantly exposed to UV rays, even on cloudy days.

This exposure significantly increases during the summer months.

The UV rays can delaminate your roofing membrane or cause other roof damages like chalking or roof alligatoring.

The good news is that our silicone roof restoration system can reflect up to 88% of UV rays.

3. High Humidity

Intense summer heat can contribute to creating condensation.

Once the water from rainstorms starts to evaporate and is combined with the hot air, it can settle underneath the roof surface membrane.

This high humidity will damage the insulation over time, causing roofing leaks.

A roof restoration system with waterproofing properties will help you avoid high humidity during the summer heat.

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