Common causes of roof damage are so numerous that we couldn’t stop at just one blog! So here is the second part of our list.

Being aware of the different factors involved in roof damage can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Remember that the issues below can affect even a brand new roof.

Do not stop reading!

1. Hail Impact

Hail impact is one of the main reasons building owners need to replace their roofs.

It can cause punctures or cracks that can lead to roofing leaks.

After every hailstorm, you should schedule a professional roofing inspection to identify any possible roof damage before it is too late.

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2. Debris and Branches

You would be surprised to see how much debris you can find on your roof surface.

It is usually common to find pieces of wire, screws, tools, or any other leftovers around the HVAC units.

This type of debris most likely comes from the units themselves.

In addition, if there are big trees around your property, you may find leaves and branches, which, when combined with rainwater, will decompose and create mud over time.

Common Causes of Roof Damage - Part II

You would be surprised to see how much debris you can find on your roof surface.

3. UV Rays

UV rays are the silent killer of every roof.

They can delaminate the TPO roofing surface in areas with hot temperatures.

Metal can rust and absorb the heat, transferring it to the interior of the building.

However, at Instacoat Premium Products, you can trust that our Silicone System can reflect up to 88% of UV rays.

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4. Cold Weather

With the arrival of cold temperatures, you can expect different causes of roof damage.

For instance, snowfall, freezing rain, high humidity, or cold snaps can freeze the roof surface, which can cause cracks or roofing leaks.

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