Are you aware of all the benefits a professional roof inspection can bring? 

Roofs play a significant role in providing safety in commercial buildings, and the importance of a regular roof inspection should not be underrated.

Missing a professional roof inspection for your commercial building can lead to roofing leaks and failures over time.

To avoid irreparable damage and get out the most of your commercial roof’s lifespan, you should make sure to schedule regular inspections. 

Here are four benefits of having a professional roofing inspection for your commercial building:

1. It Makes the Insurance Claim Process Easier

If the roof has gone through a hail storm with strong winds or snowfall, you should have a professional roof inspection right away.

If there is any damage, the roofer will provide you with a detailed report that can later be submitted to your insurance company.

2. It Helps You Identify All Types of Roof Damages

Professional roof inspectors often use special equipment, such as thermal cameras, deck moisture scanners, core cutting tools, etc.

They are trained to handle this type of roof equipment that helps identify damages that aren’t obvious.

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Professional Roof Inspection

Including regular inspections maximizes your roof’s lifespan, reducing your costs over time.

3. It Reduces Overall Costs

Including regular inspections maximizes your roof’s lifespan, reducing your costs over time.

Minor repairs will always be cheaper than larger ones and, of course, than a complete replacement.

4. It Protects the Roofing Warranty

At Instacoat Premium Products, the roofing warranty program requires a professional roof inspection to be included regularly.

You can trust our team of professional roofing contractors to lead this type of procedure.

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