Commercial roof drainage systems play an essential role in the performance of every roof.

Most commercial buildings have flat or low-slope roofs, which means an inefficient drainage system can turn into your worst enemy.

As you may know, ponding water can cause severe damage to a roof, which is why every property manager needs to know the different components of commercial roof drainage systems, to understand how to react to any drainage issues.

In this article, Instacoat Premium Products will explain all the elements of commercial roof drainage systems.

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Commercial Roof Drainage Systems: Types

  • Gravity System

As its name says, this system works with gravity.

When water falls on the roof, gravity will lead it into the drain and down the pipes all the way to the ground.

  • Siphonic System

The difference against the gravity system is that the opening of all the drains is covered with a rack that prevents air pressure from entering the drainage system.

Therefore, the pressure in the pipes is lower than just with gravity.

As a result, a siphonic system works much faster and will clear water more rapidly than a gravity system.

Commercial Roof Drainage Systems

Ponding water can cause severe damage to a roof.

Commercial Roof Drainage: Components

  • Internal Drains

Internal drains are the plumbing that moves the water inside the building.

  • Scuppers

Also known as “edge perimeter,” they are the drains incorporated into the parapet walls.

  • Downspouts

These are the vertical pipes located on the outside walls of the building that carry water from the roof to the ground.

  • Gutters

The gutters are the horizontal channels that roll water off the roof into the downspouts.

What type of commercial drainage system do you have?

In brief, those are the most common elements involved in a commercial drainage system.

We always recommend working with a roofing expert when having drainage issues.

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