Commercial roofing issues are inevitable for any commercial building during its lifespan.

Many of them are common and extremely dangerous.

Consequently, every property manager must include a commercial roofing inspection at least twice a year.

In addition, a roof maintenance program should not be dismissed.

Our technical team has prepared for you the following article to discover the most common commercial roofing issues.

Let’s go!

1. Useless Roofing Materials

Inadequate roofing products do not keep the roof water-tight, allowing water to enter the building’s interior.

2. Trapped Moisture

Trapped moisture is one of the most common commercial roofing issues.

Once moisture cannot drain from the roof, it’s just a matter of time before it starts leaking.

3. Poor Insulation

Ensure the insulation is completely dry.

Poor insulation can cause premature failures, leading to roofing leaks.

4. Wall and Curb Flashings

Flashings around the curbs for HVAC units, walls, and skylights can delaminate and fail, allowing water to enter the building.

5. Plumbing Penetrations

The roof’s surface is more prone to roofing leaks since flashings around plumbing penetrations tend to fail over time.

6. Structural Movement

Thermal shock can cause gaps and cracks in the joints underneath the roofing system.

As a result, this excess movement causes commercial roofing issues around penetrations, seams, and other flashing areas.

10 Common Commercial Roofing Issues

Every property manager must include a commercial roofing inspection at least twice a year.

7. Punctures and Tears

Commercial roofs are vulnerable to punctures and tears due to storm damage.

Consider a commercial roofing inspection once the rainy season is over.

Pro tip: avoid any foot traffic.

8. Clogged Drains

The drainage systems’ interior of commercial roofing buildings can get clogged, adding pressure on the surrounding areas to perform.

9. Field Seams

Water can filter into the building if the field seams bonded by single-ply membranes deteriorate. This commonly happens over time, so it’s best to check for these before premature failures or water leaks occur.

10. Improper Drainage or Slope

Improper slopes for water drainage can lead to ponding water. This puts pressure on the roofing surface, which can cause premature failure or water leaks.

Do not overspend on your roofing issues!

Above all, if your building has commercial roofing issues, please schedule a roofing inspection before it is too late.

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