Fluid-applied restoration systems have been manufactured in the roofing industry since the early 2000s. 

Back then, restoration systems were usually hot-applied with weldable seams, some of them with reinforcements and others without.

Instacoat Premium Products developed its fluid-applied restoration systems over two decades ago.

Today, all of our restoration systems include safe applications with no fumes or heat applications.

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Neoprene Liquid Rubber Membrane

The IPP Neoprene Liquid Rubber is one of the fluid-applied restoration systems we offer.

It combines the elastic properties of a rubberized material with the waterproofing characteristics of an emulsified asphalt.

As a result, our Neoprene Liquid Rubber formula forms a monolithic membrane that you can apply at a range of at least 30 mils.

In addition, the instant set adhesion will result when mixed with the catalyst and applied with the IPP double-component spray equipment.

Fluid-Applied Restoration Systems

Instacoat Premium Products developed its fluid-applied restoration systems over two decades ago.

Silicone Roof Restoration System

The IPP silicone roof restoration system has strong adhesion with most commercial roofing systems.

Besides, thanks to its reflective properties, you can use it to reduce the building temperature.

On the other hand, commercial roof restoration projects typically include applications over single-ply membranes (TPO, PVC, EPDM, built-up roof systems, metal, sprayed foam, concrete, etc.)

The IPP silicone seamless membrane can extend the lifespan of the roof for up to 25 years.

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Urethane Roof Restoration System

You can apply the IPP Urethane B-Series with the Neoprene Liquid Rubber as a topcoat or use it as a stand-alone product.

In addition, it also has UV-resistant properties and waterproofing protection.

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In conclusion, fluid-applied restoration systems are relatively young systems that are here to stay, as they are cost-effective, affordable solutions for commercial roofing projects.

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