Instacoat is your eco-friendly choice. You will never have to replace our durable, lightweight, and seamless membrane.

If the membrane suffers any damage, you can simply re-applying a new IPP roof restoration system to the affected area.

Moreover, our silicone roof restoration system has excellent results in reducing the “urban heat island” effect.

To discover the “white roof benefits for urban heat islands,” click here.

In addition, our products and systems are low VOCs, meaning we have considerably reduced the harmful emissions compared to many conventional products.

Equally important, our restoration systems are eco-friendly due to their easy application, which can be rolled, sprayed, or manually applied.

This reduces the risk of health issues regarding installation procedures.

By minimizing landfill waste material, Instacoat Premium Products are an eco-friendly alternative for a roof restoration instead of a replacement.

Let’s discover more of Instacoat Premium Products’ eco-friendly benefits together!

Instacoat Is Your Eco-Friendly Choice

Instacoat Premium Products are an eco-friendly alternative for a roof restoration instead of a replacement.

Recycled Shipping Containers

We recycle all of our shipping containers, which means that Instacoat applicators do not generate extra waste during the application process.

Therefore, nothing goes to the landfill, not even raw materials or fuel.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

“The world produces close to 350 million tons of plastic each year. More than 40% of that plastic is for packaging, usually used once and then disposed of into the landfills. Plastic can be a lifesaving miracle but at the same time it can be a detriment to the planet if it’s not handled properly.”

Instacoat Premium Product’s shipping presentations are:

  • Recycled Pail Container 5 Gallons
  • Eco-Friendly Drum Container 55 Gallons
  • Recycled Tote Container 275 Gallons

Instacoat Premium Products recycled shipping containers contribute to the overall sustainability of the environment.


As you can see, Instacoat products are full of eco-friendly benefits.

When installing an Instacoat Premium Products roof restoration system, your roof can earn points on LEED accreditation.

Durable, smart, and eco-friendly, INSTACOAT has it covered!

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