There are many reasons to use vegetative roofs. 

First, installing a vegetative roof allows your building to reduce the negative impact humans have had on the environment.

In the same way, create significant benefits in energy efficiency and savings.

That’s why IPP will share with you the 7 reasons why you should use vegetative roofs:

1. Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

The installation of vegetative roofs protects the roofing surface from UV rays.

Therefore, the lifespan of your roof will increase up to three times its average.

2. Manage Storm Water

Vegetative roofs are well known to manage storm water properly.

The reason? They can reduce the storm water runoff volume to the gutters and sewer systems between 50 to 90%.

3. Reduce Energy Costs

One essential benefit is that they can reduce the heat flow between 70 to 90% during the hot months of the year.

Also, in climate colds, vegetative roofs can reduce the cold flow up to 30%.

That’s why they have an excellent performance against extreme temperatures.

4. Reduce Heat Island Effect

A great advantage that plants have is that they can cool the air temperature.

In addition, thanks to the plants, water is released into the atmosphere, helping mitigate the adverse effects of “Urban Heat Islands.”

7 Reasons to Use Vegetative Roofs

They can reduce the heat flow between 70 to 90% during the hot months of the year.

5. Increase Property Value

Transform rooftop debris into a landscape that becomes an asset to your building.

Further, vegetative roofs increase livability and municipal mandates for green spaces.

As a result, you can increase property value for your building and organization, resulting in higher rents and incremented resale value.

6. Increase Employee Efficiency

Create a space for relaxation and integration for employees and residents.

Increase your employees’ break times and their productivity in corporate facilities.

Reduce noise heard by the surrounding areas, particularly near highways and airports.

7. Receive Money Back via Tax Incentives

The eco-friendly benefits of vegetative roofs can earn you LEED credits in many categories of the USGBC green building rating system.


With today’s environmental concerns worldwide, Instacoat Premium Products has increased its focus on sustainability, awareness, and its positive impact on the environment.

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