Tar and gravel roof restoration with IPP roofing systems can last for decades.

Although the chances of replacing this type of roof are low, it may need some repairs during its existence.

For instance, a tar and gravel roof can suffer from expansions and contractions over the years, creating cracks and splits that allow water through the cracks. 

Consequently, this can cause the loss of some embedded gravel, forcing you to restore the damaged areas on the roof.

Therefore, do not miss the following article to learn more about it.

Tar and Gravel Roof: How to Know If You Need a Restoration?

Consider the aspects below:

  • The roof has leaks and moisture damages 

You can repair it by patching the roofing membranes.

The patches need to be finished by an approved applicator that is familiar with tar and gravel roofs.

It will be the only way to do it correctly; otherwise, there might be leaks.

  • Ask your roofing contractor for a visual inspection

They need to be aware of loose materials, cracks, blistering, bubbles, discoloration, or any other damage they can identify.

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Tar and Gravel Roof Restoration

Tar and Gravel Restoration Advantages

The primary purpose of tar & gravel roof restoration is to protect the roof against natural elements, such as UV rays, hail damage, ponding water, and even heavy snow in the winter. 

If you are not convinced yet, here are some advantages to consider. 

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Lifespan Up to 25 Years or More
  • Waterproofing Protection
  • UV Rays Protection
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fire Retardant
  • Maintenance & Repairs are Less Frequently


In conclusion, tar and gravel roof restoration mixed with IPP is an excellent way to protect your roof for a long time. 

Our restoration systems are compatible, and they will provide you with all of the benefits mentioned above.

Along with the great benefits, a roofing maintenance program and inspection procedures are mandatory twice a year.

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