The causes of grease in commercial roofing are generally involved with kitchen activities.

For instance, you can find many greases on roofs where cooking procedures are practiced every day inside the building, like malls or restaurant franchises.

All this grease ends up on the rooftop due to the following reasons:

1. The exhaust fans of the building are not working properly

We need to ensure that the blades of the exhaust fans of the building are completely clean. 

In other words, any dirty exhaust fan could begin leaking out grease onto your roof.

2. Drains are not designed for grease and can easily get clogged

Grease and oils are slightly acidic, and this will slowly eat your drain pipes and eventually your roofing membrane.

Causes of Grease in Commercial Roofing

A cleaning and maintenance program for the roof has to be done every year.

3. Dirty filters on the exhaust hood

Grease in commercial roofing can and will enter your ducts, be sure to monitor your exhaust hood filters’ cleanliness closely.

4. The rooftop ventilation fan is broken

Above all, when fan blades become coated with grease, it is common for the fan to become unbalanced and break over time.

In consequence, it is imperative to schedule a cleanup and maintenance of the rooftop ventilation system.

Pro Tip: Grease and oils are potential fuel for a fire. A cleaning and maintenance program for the roof has to be done every year.


In conclusion, grease in commercial roofing can cause significant damage to the building structure if the underlying cause is not discovered and restored promptly by a professional.

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