The situations to consider for roof restoration projects are an essential part of every commercial roofing project.

Obviously, for every Roofing Contractor, the first project is always going to be challenging.

That is why it is vital to know the fundamentals.

Lucky for you, IPP has you covered!

1. The Roof Has Never Been Restored

All roofs that have never gone through a restoration system are excellent candidates.

However, a proper maintenance program, which includes the roofing inspection, had to be done yearly.

2. Insulation Is In Good Condition and Dry

You can run an infrared survey with a deck scanner tool to determine the insulation conditions. 

Make sure the surface is completely dry and clean before you apply the roof restoration system.

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Situations to Consider for Roof Restoration

Do as much investigation as you can before you contact any roofing manufacturer.

3. System Warranty

Some restoration systems do the bare minimum, while others will serve you well for decades.

4. Customer’s Budget

Restoration systems come in a range of prices and product quality; focus on the needs before you build a plan for your customer.

5. Roof Maintenance Program

Before you decide to go on roof restoration, make sure to review the roof maintenance program and its historical data.

A preventive maintenance program is vital to determine the conditions of the roof.

6. Type of Product and Compatibility

We always recommend the completion of a pre-job successful adhesion test.

To fully optimize the restoration system, it is vital to understand each aspect of the current roofing system.

7. Application Procedures

When it comes to roof restoration, quality is sacrificed in the name of speed, and this becomes a major headache for building owners in the future.

Besides, pedestrians, air temperature, and inadequate tools can affect your application.


In conclusion, knowing the basics of roof restoration will make the conversation easier when you contact a qualified roofing system manufacturer.

Therefore, do as much investigation as you can before you contact any roofing manufacturer. 

Tell them about the roof conditions and explain the main issues by categorizing them with high and low priorities.

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