The IPP Silicone System has the purpose of double the lifespan of the existing roofing system and membrane.

Certainly, Instacoat Premium Products are an excellent and cost-efficient choice for Property Owners and Roofing Contractors.

Most importantly, you can add more than a decade to the existing structure of the roof by restoring it. 

It has some of the following benefits:

1. Silicone System Applies on Any Commercial Roof Type

Whether you have a traditional built-up roof (BUR) or a recently installed EPDM one, a silicone roof restoration system can surely apply to your rooftop.

2. Excellent UV Stability

Reflecting 80-90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, building owners and managers can save thousands of dollars by drastically reducing cooling costs during the warm summer months.

3. Highly Flexible & Durable

The silicone system forms a flexible, durable, seamless membrane capable of withstanding wind-driven sand, oxidation, and extreme temperatures.

6 Benefits of IPP Silicone System

Silicone is high solids, meaning less material is used to achieve the desired dry mil thickness.

4. Silicone System is High Solids

Our silicone is high solids, meaning less material is used to achieve the desired dry mil thickness. 

In other words, applying more coating in a single pass helps save time and labor costs without compromising quality and system integrity.

5. Silicone System is Cost-Effective

Besides, applies directly to your existing roof, speeding up installation time and reducing costs.

In addition, the system is not labor-intensive as installing a new roof.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Restoring your existing roof and reusing the current materials help us reduce landfill waste and improve the environment.

If you want to discover more about the eco-friendly benefits of IPP, click here.


The restoration system will stop leaks, prevent rusting, and extend the lifespan of your roof for up to 25 or more years.

But one of the essential aspects of IPP Silicone is that it applies to any existing roofing surface, and it is a cold process fluid-applied system.

For instance, the application guidelines for roofing membranes and substrates are good power washing and surface preparation, amongst other aspects to consider.

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