Do you know what is Below-Grade Waterproofing?

If not, you came to the right place.

Above all, you’re familiar with above-grade waterproofing systems, but what about the areas available below-ground levels?

Nearly all the buildings and facilities have below-ground areas, and without a doubt, they were once waterproofed with a below-grade system.

For instance, these areas are often part of the building’s foundation; the most common are parking lots, basements, maintenance rooms, and communication tunnels.

Therefore, during the rainy season, moisture and ponding water can easily damage below-ground areas.

These building structure areas are vital and could face significant issues without waterproofing.

That’s why it’s crucial to know more about below-grade waterproofing systems.

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The system creates a robust waterproofing system that protects the building foundations.

What Is Instacoat Premium Products Below-Grade Waterproofing?

The IPP Below-Grade Waterproofing system is the Instacoat’s seamless membrane that includes the right reinforcement accessories for below-ground areas.

The system creates a robust waterproofing system that protects the building foundation walls and structure.

With Instacoat Premium Products waterproofing systems, your below-ground areas will be completely leak-free.

Just like the above-grade systems, below-grade waterproofing systems come with different warranty types and system protections.

What are the application requirements?

As we told you before, Instacoat’s waterproofing systems have different performances, and you need to define first how many years you want to protect the below-ground walls.

In addition, if you want to choose the right below-grade waterproofing system for your building, it’s imperative to share your needs with our Sales Consultants, Technical Team, or a Certified Waterproofing Contractor.

Therefore, you can ask your Contractor for a moisture scan to show you the below-ground structures’ real conditions.

It would also help if you shared the possible contaminants exposed to those areas, such as chemicals, salts, excessive moisture, etc.

In case you need it, we can assist your Contractor with all the technical information and knowledge.

In other words, we have a complete team ready to help you.

Include a below-grade waterproofing system in all the building’s below-ground areas.

Building’s Drainage

One of the essential protection lines against below-ground areas is the building’s drainage system.

If the water that falls to the foundations during the rainy season of the year is not transferring properly from the walls to the drain system, it’s going to be possible that you will have expensive repairs in the years ahead.

Instacoat’s Below-Grade Waterproofing System’s primary goal is to redirect the walls’ water to the drain system.

It is a fundamental feature of our system.

You can be sure of that!


Every below-ground area has its own set of issues, context, and importance inside the building’s activities and performance.

How is the condition of the substrate?

Is it a mud slab, new or old concrete?

Does the waterproofing system require extra compatible accessories such as flashing details or drainage composites?

These are some of the most common questions you need to ask your Waterproofing Contractor before any project.

Just make sure to include a below-grade waterproofing system in all the building’s below-ground areas.

At Instacoat Premium Products, we offer comprehensive below-grade waterproofing solutions that are durable, eco-friendly, and built for any building’s structure.

Technical data sheets and application guidelines are available upon request. 

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