There are a great diversity and options for commercial and industrial roofs coatings systems, but how to identify what are the best roof coatings systems? To help you with this,  Instacoat Premium Products has prepared the following blog that will help you answer such a popular question.

With so many different composition formulas and material properties on each of our available coating systems. It can be difficult to identify which is the most suitable for your roof.

Therefore, it is very important that all building owners and property managers who are responsible to coordinate facilities maintenance have the ability to know all the technical information of each of the Instacoat Premium Products Roof Restoration systems. Of course, we can help you to do it.

This will help you to make an easier decision and determine what type of Instacoat Coating System is the best for your roof.

  • How to start with Roof Restoration

If you are just starting out in the world of commercial coatings, first of all, you should know that not all coatings work equally in all existing roofs.

Likewise, it is not only about choosing the correct Instacoat Coating System but also following each of the recommendations from our Field applications and Technical support. Regarding the best preparation procedure that should be followed on the roof.

Also, the lifespan of Instacoat Coatings Systems can vary, this will depend on the products and warranties you choose.  You can always ask all your questions to our Sales Rep or the Field applications/Technical support.

In addition, one of the best advantages that Instacoat Roof Coatings has is that it can extend the life of your existing roof for 10, 15, or more than 20 years. Incredible right?

And if that wasn’t enough, Instacoat Coatings Systems will help you to accumulate points toward LEED certification, just in case you don’t have it. Our coatings systems reduce energy consumption by up to 20% per year and reflect UV rays by more than 80%.

IPP Systems and process

  • Roof inspection

Here are a few elements to be considered by the Instacoat Technical support team, before you determine what’s the best roof coatings systems for your building:

  • Roof Size and Slope.
  • Inspect perimeter, field, and edges.
  • Existing Structure type.
  • Current substrate conditions.
  • Moisture in the substrate.
  • The number of Cracks and Leaks.

Very good, now that you know a little more about which are the characteristics and conditions that must be considered to choose the best coating system for your roof, we would like to introduce you to some of the processes for the coating systems that Instacoat Premium Products has for you.–17571

It’s important to follow the next recommendations to ensure a proper Instacoat System application.

The roofing surface to be coated and restored must be completely

Metal Roof Preparation

Seams and screws preparation with trowel grade.

clean, which means, there must be no impurities such as loose material, grease, oils, or any additional objects.

Instacoat recommends doing a complete roof cleaning, using the procedures suggested by our Technical Director.

In all those intersections where holes, cracks, and damages are identified, it will be very important to reinforce the area with our Trowel grade/Roller grade and the geotextile fabric (if it’s required).


Roller/trowel grade is designed for use in the preparation and detailing prior to the installation.

What are you waiting for? Call Instacoat right now and ask about our Roof Coatings Systems

  • Roofing grade Waterproofing membrane. 

The Roofing grade Waterproofing membrane is designed to form a protective layer on your roof; this will stop the possible water leaks that could arise, derived from the puddles that are formed on the roofs during the rainy seasons.

Another advantage of the Roofing grade Waterproofing membrane is that it can be applied to new roofing constructions and in existing roofing structures that require a weather and waterproofing membrane.

Our team of certified applicators can help you determine if your roof can be a good candidate to restore or if the roof needs a replacement.

The Roofing Grade Rubber plays a fundamental role in the performance of Instacoat Coatings Systems, adding this product within the system you choose for the restoration of your roof can double its useful life.

This application method can be sprayed or applied manually.

Additionally, you can also use the Roofing grade Waterproofing membrane in outdoor/indoor structures and it works in all kinds of weather conditions.

If you still have doubts about its performance, you can reinforce it by installing the Instacoat top Coat Membrane like Silicone, granules, or Watershed, which creates an extra layer of practically impenetrable waterproofing.

Silicone coatings have become increasingly popular in the commercial roofing market; over the past decade, our coating system application has become one of the favorites of many property managers and building owners, but why is this?

Instacoat Silicone system is an elastic material and it also adheres easily to the roofing surface, as if this weren’t

enough, its resistance to harsh climatological conditions provides a long life to the roof and it hardly will suffer from fractures.

The increase in demand for Instacoat Silicone System is largely due to its ability to withstand long-term exposure to stagnant water in the rainy season, as well as its ability to resist oxidation and its high UV reflectivity index.

Finally, Instacoat Coatings Silicone System is available in a wide variety of colors, you can even choose the color of your preference upon request.

It certainly has many benefits, doesn’t it?

  • Conclusion

There are so many different factors involved to achieve and extend the lifespan of your roof with the Instacoat Roof Coating restoration system.

Putting together all the factors like the latest coatings technologies, right roof inspection and substrate, proper roof preparation of the roofing surface, and product application, will result in an improvement extending the lifespan of the property.

If you still have doubts or questions with any detailed explanation about the Instacoat Roof Coatings Systems, do not hesitate and call us!

At Instacoat Premium Products, we are experts in providing you the best Roof coatings applications.