Instacoat Premium Products is a family business that has more than 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, making it one of the leading Coating Systems Company in the entire North American territory.

The history of Instacoat Premium Products began to be written in the late 1990s.

It all started with the desire to create the perfect “liquid rubber technology”, that is, to discover the correct way to manufacture this elastomeric coating and putting it together with the right Instacoat Silicone Coating membrane or the right topcoat.

Based on an arduous process of research, experimentation, and manufacturing; this is how the company’s flagship product, the “highly refined liquid rubber” was born. Making Instacoat one of the top industrial coatings and waterproofing systems today.

The key point of Instacoat Premium Products coating system is to introduce the “liquid rubber technology” as a protective layer to the moisture that accumulates on roofs throughout the years.

Due to its incredible and powerful protection, the “refined liquid rubber” has a superior performance and functions as an extra reinforcement coating that is underneath the Instacoat Silicone Roof Restoration System or other types of topcoats.

The “liquid rubber technology”, does not allow moisture to pass through, even after 20 or more years of completing the installation.

Amazing right?

If that wasn’t enough, Instacoat coatings has groups of certified applicators who have gone through a certification process at our Roofing Corporate Training Center, located in Oscoda, Michigan.

The certification course oversees providing you with the best training you can get in the Instacoat roof restoration systems, floor coatings, and waterproofing industry.

In addition, the manufacturing and research processes continue to be developed day by day in our training center.

At Instacoat, we are committed to innovation. We focus on constant research for new technologies and coating products in the roofing industry, it is a priority to us.

Likewise, Instacoat is involved in protecting and caring for the environment, that is why most of the coatings that we manufacture are eco-friendly.

Our Roof Restoration Systems will help you score points to obtain LEED certification, in case the client does not have it.

Now you can see why Instacoat Premium Products has grown and succeeded for over 20 years.

Instacoat Premium Products has managed to position itself both with commercial roofing companies and in the retail market for roofers. We also focus on roofing maintenance with the main goal of extending the life of your roof.


Our first coatings manufacturing plant was located in Detroit, however, the growing demand that came up over the years forced us to expand to Chicago and later to Necedah, Wisconsin.

Currently, the Necedah plant facility is manufacturing some of our coatings products and we also have another two coating manufacturing facilities located in Oscoda, Michigan, where the headquarters are also situated.

For more information, please find below the list of each of our manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, sales reps, and headquarters locations.

Silicone roof restoration system

IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System (IPP SRR system) was designed to provide elemental protection for architectural surfaces.

Headquarters, Office, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Training Center

Instacoat Premium Products

5920 N Huron Ave

Oscoda, MI 48750


Manufacturing and Warehouse

N9246 State Hwy 80 South

Ste. 53

Necedah, WI 54646


Office and Warehouse

42015 Remington Ave

Suite 106

Temecula, CA 92590


Denver Warehouse

300 W 53rd Place

Unit G

Denver, CO 80216


Dallas Warehouse

2424 North Westmoreland Road

Dallas, TX 75212


Austin Warehouse

15505 Long Vista Dr

Ste 210

Austin TX, 78728


Houston Warehouse

2700 Greens Road

Houston, TX 77032


Sales Representatives

We have sales representatives all over the country, and depending on the area where you are located, our team will be able to contact you for any roofing maintenance or coating consulting.

If you’re trying to reach us in any part or region of the United States, we have the right team ready to support you with any need or project.

Certified Applicators Training Center

The Certified Applicators Training Center is located at our headquarters in Oscoda, Michigan.

The training center provides contractors all the practical, hands-on training needed in application, technique, and products.  With this, contractors can learn how to handle the equipment used in roof restorations, explore the different types of coating product lines and roof substrates/structures, as well as the quality standards that Instacoat Premium Products always pursues.

Instacoat Coatings Systems

As we told you before, Instacoat Premium Products continues to work and develop new coating product lines and systems.

Our Investigation, Development, and Innovation area (I + D + I) are one of the pillars of the organization. Thanks to this, different coating systems have been developed to combat the most common issues that a damaged roof can have.

Roofer preparing the Roof.

Instacoat Premium Products continues to work and develop new coating product lines and systems.

Here are some of the current Instacoat Systems available today:

  • Silicone Roof Restoration System. The IPP Silicone Roof Restoration System (IPP SRR system) was designed to provide elemental protection for architectural surfaces such as vertical walls, masonry, concrete, metal, single ply membranes, and spray in place polyurethane foam as well as a top coat to ensure energy savings. Thanks to the coating’s material reflective benefits, the costs generated by the consumption of electrical energy can be reduced by around 20% per year.
  • Floor Coatings & Deck System. Instacoat also has a floor coatings system that over-perform most of the products and systems on the market today. Our floor and deck systems are customizable to meet specific building owners’ requirements and needs.
  • Waterproofing System. Instacoat waterproofing systems were developed to provide the best protection and benefits for your building structure.

We create below-grade and above-grade waterproofing systems with the elastic properties of our “highly refined liquid rubber”, including the weatherproofing/waterproofing qualities and the right accessories or topcoats that will guarantee your building structure against water intrusion.

  • Asphalt Preservation System. Instacoat’s asphalt preservation system protects and prolongs the life of all types of pavements. The asphalt emulsion used by our experts is placed in existing cracks or transitions in the damaged pavements.

Within our different manufacturing facilities, we also manufactured our own line of spray equipment to make your coating application process even easier.

Our coatings equipment types include a dual component sprayer and a single component sprayer.   Contact us if you need some help to determine which coating equipment works better for your project.

So now you know, at Instacoat Premium Products, we have years of experience that support our work. In addition, having the right certifications, the necessary coating equipment, and knowledge on our different coating systems designed for any type of roof, floor, and foundation requirements.

We can also adapt to any needs or projects you might have to satisfy the most demanding customer.

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